A New Generation of Cloud Fundraising Software

We are proud to announce the arrival of our all new solution, designed for excellence.


Indroducing FundraiserOne

Cloud software done right! Our completely ground up build of this solution is a cumulation of 30 years of ideas and new tools bringing to you many new fundraising management benefits and opportunities.

We are setting new benchmarks in donor management and fundraising that will give organisations all the tools to make the right decisions at the right time. Our tools are designed to allow you to remove all your third party systems like MailChimp etc. Our tools are best practise and easy to use.

Manage your fundraising campaigns, track performance, manage supporters, set recurring gifts, run detailed reports with the ability to customise and create new ones. Maximise your potential with digital tools that do the work for you.

Summary features include:

  • A full cloud system built with the latest technology
  • New rich and modern responsive web interface which is easy to navigate and use
  • Find new donors by untapping the potential of your existing donors in your database
  • Analyse supporter growth clusters based on geographic locations
  • Create engagement properties to send the right message at the right time using the right channel
  • Understand what motivates your supporters using the new campaign tools
  • Make smarter decisions with our new detailed reporting and intuitive dashboards

New Features to love!

Communicate with your supporters and prospects with our new multi-channel system and get engagement results using powerful analytics. FundraiserOne defines interest properties automatically - you can later query and build follow-up notifications.

  • Create professionally formatted documents using advanced editors
  • Send personalised SMS messages to mobile devices and receive replies from your supporters
  • Create beautiful e-newsletters that are perfectly styled for desktop and mobile devices
  • Schedule to send SMS and email to get the best response rates
  • Receive detailed analytics on delivery and bounced emails and gather interest on clicks
  • Build fantastic widgets that complement any website and use social component to drive traffic to them
  • Run detailed reports using report services or create your own reports